In 2018, the GSA has received full and unconditional validation of its professional programme. As the exit report stated, '“(I)t must also be emphasised that SACAP patently does not expect a homogeneous educational environment – rather, it encourages a diversity of philosophies, focuses and themes.” 

In this context, the Visiting Board acknowledges that implementation of the Unit System at the GSA is a bold and positive move for architectural education in South Africa and notes that significant innovation is evident in the system’s application and localisation. The view of the Visiting Board is that the programme is student-centric, culturally inclusive and highly relevant to the South African and African context. The Board was particularly encouraged by the entrepreneurial and activist stance of the GSA in relation to broadening the modes of practice of architecture, and how this stance played out in the work of students. The proportion of black students within the GSA is notable as amongst the highest of any Master’s programme in South Africa. It is evident that one of the key successes of the application of the Unit System, has been the creation of space for black students to find their voice and express their architectural identity through their research and design work, an important step against the backdrop of the agenda for decolonisation of higher education.