This is a brand-new programme to be offered in 2019, aimed at students who either already have a professional qualification in architecture (M Arch or Master’s equivalent) or for students wishing to undertake advanced architectural study in either a design or traditional research format. We offer two types of Post-Professional Master’s, the MA in Advanced Architectural Design or the MA in Advanced Architectural Theory. All new post-professional programmes are Unit-led, meaning lecturers will offer a one-year (or two years part-time) programme on an annual basis with a specialised research topic, similar to a Unit. Students on the ‘Design’ programme will produce a portfolio of visual or creative-practice led work, whereas students on the ‘Theory’ programme may opt to produce a dissertation or combination of both.


This exciting new development in our programme offerings is expected to be fully operational in 2019.

In 2018, as a pilot combining the M Tech (Prof) with the anticipated new programme, Prof Lesley Lokko will run Unit 12®, a design-research based Unit with Sumayya Vally, Mxolisi Makhubo and Patti Anahory. The Unit will operate as an intense laboratory, exploring new possibilities for architecture around issues of race, identity, gender and Diaspora. Unit 12's Africa Field Unit is planned for March 2018 on a trip to Réunion Island. Although the Post-Professional Programme is not operational in 2018, international students wishing to take part in independent studies aligned to Unit 12 should e-mail Prof Lokko with details of their intended programme and dates. Useful information for international students can be found in the International Student Handbook.