The GSA is the only school in Africa to run the renowned Unit System, a uniquely transformational pedagogical environment that places student experience and imagination at the heart of their studies. We encourage an open-ended, experimental spirit of enquiry that responds to shifts in society, technology and culture. We promote excellence across all our programmes, constantly challenging our staff and students to think beyond the boundaries of the profession and discipline as we currently understand them.


Completion of the Master of Architecture will result in the student adopting a Candidate Architect status, as defined by SACAP.  This programme also provides students with a solid intellectual and professional understanding of the history, theory, technology and design practices of architecture. It further introduces students to advanced critical perspectives on contemporary architectural issues. The programme is taught along the Unit System curriculum.

There is an emphasis on work being conducted at this level, with the expectation that students will, through reading and research, define their own particular area of study in relation to the wide range of frameworks set by the Units tutors. The course stresses innovation and highlights the value of propositions, their social impact and professional requirements. Design is thus always conducted within a broad and rigorous intellectual framework provided by the Unit tutors, the culture of the school and the external expectations placed upon it.