Bachelor of Architecture Honours

Bachelor of Architecture Honours (H8AT2Q)

The MTech (Prof) programme has been discontinued as of 2019. Through our two-year combined programme students can study towards a SACAP professional qualification in architecture. The first year is the studio-based Bachelor of Architecture Honours leading to the second year studio-based Master’s of Architecture programme. Although the two programmes (Hons and Master’s) are registered separately at the GSA, we teach both as part of a combined two-year programme. The course is taught along the Unit System curriculum lines, with a number of design research ‘Units’ offered at the start of each academic year, for which students apply. All teaching is done through the students’ individual Units. There are three modules that make up the Honours programme, namely Architectural History & Theory; Architectural Design Project and Architectural Professional Practice.

The Bachelor of Architecture Honours programme is designed to prepare students for entry into the architectural profession as a ‘Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist’ or for entry into the Master of Architecture programme.