Posted: 12 June 2019     |     Author: Sumayya Vally

Acting simultaneously as story tellers, architects, time travellers and choreographers of history, students in Unit 12 at the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg, visited a Morocco, looking specifically at the Atlantic Coast as a site of historic significance in the histories of migration and settlement. Continuing the Unit’s interests in cultural identity, race, gender and architecture, students this year are tasked with developing new architectural and spatial vocabularies that speak to the rich themes of migration, diaspora and hybridity. The Major Design Project of the year is a New Port Authority (NPA). In different forms, ports are the earliest point of contact with a new region for migrants. The history of the establishment of ports is also intrinsically linked to the history of slavery and of the formation and policing of borders. The port is a space of crossing, of transition, of crossover.