Posted: 10 March 2019     |     Author: Prof Lesley Lokko

We are looking for eight dynamic students (male, female, non-binary) to participate in this ground-breaking initiative sponsored by ArchiteXX ( You should be interested in ideas about gender, sexuality, women in architecture, identity and feminism. The organisers are calling for 1-2 minute films about the above topics, continuing efforts to write women into architectural history, this time via film. We have a spectacular line-up of African women architects whom we would like you to interview. Prof Lokko, Counterspace, Steffen Fischer and Zaheer Cassim will work with you to develop your film(s). Each of the finished films will be reviewed by an esteemed jury of architects, design professionals and industry leaders. A selection of films will be publicly screened during New York’s Archtober month-long focus on architecture and will be available online once they have been screened. 

The format of the project is six one-minute films that examine different aspects of gender in architecture. 

Each one-minute film pairs an architect with a student, specifically chosen for their interest/relationship to the selected topic. There are six different set designs and six different filming techniques. Each film begins with a question posed by the student. Each student has six questions but depending on the response, some interviews may only answer one question, or all six. In this project, ‘design’ encompasses the questions, the sets, the filming technique, the interviewing technique and the closing technique. Mentors will be on hand throughout the filming sessions to offer support. Each film begins with a single quote relating to the interview topic/theme.




TRANS-- (We Should All Be Feminists). © Fred Swart.