Posted: 30 March 2018     |     Author: Hugh Fraser
Thursday evening’s talks proved to be yet another highly evocative talk hosted by the Graduate School of Architecture. Initial thoughts of “what is this?” and “what am I supposed to see?” were quickly replaced by “WOW! This is amazing!” Both Squire and Kulper spoke of the philosophy that architecture should not be limited by its title. It is rather an exhibition of a deep curiosity of interests revolving around architecture art, science, literature, music and philosophy, to name a few.  

Perry Kulper's intensely visual work showed that the representation of works should have the fundamentals and structure of ‘traditional drawings’, but they should leave room for “reseeing and seeing anew” by the author and the viewer. Squire summed up the talk by advising students and professionals alike that different forms of representation should be viewed as a disposable garment to “put it on and see if it fits – if you don’t like it, take it off and move on”.

This talk served as great insight and way-finding tool to students who are busy formulating concepts and forms of representation for their Major Design Projects.
Adwoa Agyei (Unit 12)