Posted: 09 September 2020
GSA South North: A Festival of the Minds. 2020 © Fred Swart

South North:
A Festival of the Minds
Exploring Education in Design and Planning in African Schools of Planning and Architecture: A Bottoms-Up Approach

17 September 2020
Presentations: 16h00-17h30
Discussion: 17h30-18h00
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Convened by Dr Finzi Saidi, Acting Head of School at the GSA, this webinar brings together academics from African universities to share their teaching experiences in architecture and planning disciplines. The aim is to bring to the fore teaching and learning strategies that academics employ in ensuring meaningful and responsive learning for their students. We believe that by talking about lived experiences of academics we can ‘unearth’ innovative teaching strategies that provide important lessons for transforming the curriculum.

Convener: Dr Finzi Saidi is an academic from the University of Johannesburg whose research focuses on curriculum transformation in the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design.

Dr Nelly Babere is an academic based at ARDHI University in School of Social Sciences and Planning. Her research interest explores issues in design and planning in the Metropolitan city of Dar es Salaam.

Caleb Toroitich is an academic at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. His research and teaching interests are in landscape architecture of the city of Nairobi.

Goabamang Lethugile is an academic at the University of Botswana in the landscape architecture programme. Her research interests focus on utilisation of public spaces for economic activities in cities.

Jabu Makhubu is an academic at the University of Johannesburg in the GSA. His research focuses on public spaces, urban design and transformative pedagogies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Mathebe Aphane is a former academic in the Department of Architecture at the University of Pretoria. Her research interrogates identity of township buildings and infrastructure in Pretoria’s oldest black settlement of Atteridgeville.