Posted: 30 March 2020

"There is a profound realisation when we recognize an extreme shift in the normal, happening right before us.

Beyond simply figuring out how to continue, we must search for means and methods to position ourselves within change, not just in reaction with it.

The challenge we are facing, in sharing ideas, meeting up and discussing the world, presents an opportunity to find new ways to capture, communicate and dialogue."


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic creating a shift in the daily norm, GSA Unit 13 embraced the extreme change and searched & investigated means & methods, beyond reaction. With that, Slow Simulcast was launched, an exhibition that culminates in an online dialogue.


Retrospect: GSA Unit 13
Clips from U13 Quarter 1 Review - 2020/03/23

External Reviewers: Sarah Treherne & Stephen Steyn

Instagram: @gsa_unit_13 & @u13slow2020