Posted: 19 October 2017     |     Author: Prof Lesley Lokko

Safe Space is a teaching and learning initiative of Transformative Pedagogies, the GSA's ongoing commitment to decolonising and transforming its curriculum. Every fortnight over a four-month period, a group discussion facilitated by a professional facilitator took place in different spaces/rooms/buildings around the city of Johannesburg. Tuliza Sindi, Jhono Bennett and Prof Lesley Lokko devised a number of briefs that asked students to look critically at issues of 'race', otherness, power, class, gender and stereotyping in order to facilitate the discussions that we often find difficult to host. We asked students to about their own histories and experiences and to respond to briefs that attempt to translate their insights and knowledge into tangible outputs in the form of papers, articles, short films and exhibition material. The nine short films will be brought together in an hour-long documentary which is scheduled for completion in 2018. The series premiere will take place at the GSA Summer Show on 29 November 2017.