Posted: 02 September 2022
Professional Practice: Ways of Working - Phill Mashabane
13 September 2022
18:30-19:30 SAST
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Professional Practice Lecture Series
The series explores how architects started off, landed their first appointments, perform projects and market and organise their practices. In addition, the practitioners will speculate on where the profession of architecture is headed. The series is aimed at both architectural practitioners and students.
In 1995 Phill Mashabane co-founded Mashabane Rose Associates, a dynamic South African architectural and design studio.

With over 30 years in the industry and many awards under his belt, Phill Mashabane has acquired expertise in the fields of:
Master Planning; Urban Design and Development Planning; Architecture; Museum Design; Storyline Development; Exhibit Design; Interior Architecture; Architectural Heritage and Conservation. Phill Mashabane is also a skilled Facilitator, Negotiator and a Commercial & Construction Arbitrator. In 2016, Phill was recognised for the contribution he made to the South African Professional Services Industry and was the recipient of a lifetime Achievement award for excellence in the field of Architecture.
Phill is a proponent of life-long learning and his career is backed by qualifications in Architecture, Law, Project Management, Mediation and Arbitration.