Posted: 12 June 2019

23 April - 30 April
GSA Metro, Braamfontein
Text contributed by Endriana Audisho, Tova Lubinski-Segal, Thiresh Govender & Sarah de Villiers. 

Ways of Site-Seeing, a one-week collaboration between Unit 14 of the Graduate School of Architecture (GSA), University of Johannesburg (UJ), and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Master of Architecture Studio: Cities Under Surveillance, concluded in April 2019. The project paired students from both schools, with Johannesburg-based students presenting a range of sites and their Sydney counterparts offering instruments with which the sites could be read. Drawing on both cities’ preoccupation with security and surveillance, the project sought to ask: what does it mean to read one situation through the lens of another?

 At the culmination of the exchange, each pair exhibited two drawings and ‘evidence’ to form an installation. Some particularly notable projects which emerged from the collaboration included those which concern thresholds and spatial systems of control on entry (Mkansi, Ndebele and Marjan), atmospheric controls of surface (Bhyat); the control mechanisms of the automatic teller machine and betting units (Chanje and Cheang); and ability of the crop frame to change the nature of the perceived story (‘3rd Image, Crop Frame by Piscopo and Moumakwe).