Posted: 04 October 2021

New Staff Announcement: GSA's Making Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that Ngillan Faal has joined the GSA as the Making Coordinator.

Ngillan Faal is a professional architect and urbanist, working at the intersection of architecture, urbanisation and development. Her ideological narrative centres on the interplay between the processes of production at all scales and how we interact with them to create new spaces and patterns of occupation – the systems and tools by which we “make”.

Ngillan has had a long engagement with the GSA, as an External Examiner, sessional tutor and a Supercritic. She is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Architecture and Planning at WITS University.

While completing her thesis at the University of East London (UK), she began to engage with the concept of thinking through making, at all scales of architectural production. Her research projects in Beirut and Varanasi investigated intervening in highly contested urban spaces using architecture as tool of provocation and reconciliation. She went on to work at Levitt Bernstein Associates on urban renewal and affordable housing projects in London (UK).

Ngillan holds an MSc in Urbanisation and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science; and has worked in the global policymaking sphere on climate, equity, and urbanisation for LEAD, in consultation with UN Habitat, United Nations Environment Programme and other groupings. In 2008, she coordinated African environmental groups to deliver the first Africa-wide civil society dialogue on climate change adaptation and urban resilience.

Returning to formal architectural practice in 2011, she has been a Senior Architect at Kate Otten Architects, working on projects such as the re-invention of the Anglo American Marshalltown Campus and WAF Award winning Law on Keyes offices in Rosebank.

Photo Credit: ©Samantha Roberts