Posted: 06 September 2019     |     Author: Prof Lesley Lokko
Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal, Canada

Centring Africa: Postcolonial Perspectives on Architecture

The GSA is delighted to announce that Dr Huda Tayob, Senior Lecturer and History and Theory Programme Convenor has been selected as a Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) Mellon fellow for the project, Centring Africa: Postcolonial Perspectives on Architecture.  

The CCA’s collaborative and multi-disciplinary project on post-independence architecture in sub-Saharan Africa questions architecture’s role in decolonisation, neocolonialism and globalisation across the continent, along with the methods and conventions of studying architectural and urban histories. Huda Tayob’s 18-month project looks into the event-architecture of the Kumasi, Accra, Addis Ababa and Dar es Salaam pan-African conferences and congresses, which were held between 1953 and 1974.