Posted: 14 April 2022

GSA Lecture Series 2022: LWCIRCUS Creative Resilient Community, a Method by Annacaterina Piras

26 April 2022
18:30 - 20:00
FADA Auditorium,
Bunting Road Campus,
University of Johannesburg

Wine Bar: 18:00
Welcome Note & Talk: 18:30 – 19:15
Q&A: 19:15 – 19:45

Working with an international creative community of architects, artists, landscape architects, photographers and directors and in close collaboration with local communities in the South and North, LWCircus has developed a methodology that contemplates the implementation of a participatory project through the exchange of cultural codes – we seek to create a model that is universally replicable but commensurate with different geographic and social contexts.
LWCircus designs symbiotic and adaptive processes; it does so in the transfigured rural villages of China; in the Sardinian landscapes of the Asinara Island; in the Yucatan, among the Mayan minorities; it does so where triggers are necessary to reactivate life correspondences, even in a city like Florence.

In this, the protagonist is always the landscape, the result of the action and interaction between the humans and more than humans. LWCircus works by means of artistic languages that generate symbolic spaces germinated by temporary choral installations. Although they are made with perishable elements or with time-resistant scraps, these are capable of being real narrative devices in which the historical memory of the places is revisited that reactivates the knowledge of the landscape to undertake renewed relationships with the landscape itself, a peculiarity of resilient communities.

We must act for a radical change of course. It is urgent to rethink our way of acting, the way we design and live the planet. The human can no longer act as the dominant actor in a landscape that can no longer read. Humans must understand that they are part of a system. A paradigm shift within the design disciplines that deal with designing places is vital. LWCircus tries to do this.