Posted: 28 September 2018

Students from each of the History-Theory Elective Modules at the Graduate School of Architecture present their research undertaken in the M1 year. 

Elective Module HTD 1 – Steering Africa’s Future Cities
Tarien Laubscher – Casablanca: Cinema or Place
Heidi Lu – Kinshasa: Poverty City, Violence City, City of Sorcery
Roanne Moodley – Durban: Democracy and Leisure

Elective Module HTD 2 – Johannesburg Then and Now: Global Forces, Local Practices 
Simone Reynolds – Micro Economies: The Evolution of Shebeens and Spaza Shops
Daniele Cronje – Prefabricated Construction Methods and Private Sector Involvement in Addressing Housing Need in Johannesburg
Terrence Mkhwanazi – Shifts in National Identities in South Africa: Case Studies From Gauteng

Elective Module HTD 3 – Formulating Dissent: A Case for Afrofuturism 
Olufilajimi Akinboboye – The Impact of Colonialism on Nigerian Cultural Preservation: The Birth of a New Nigerian Mother Tongue 
Sumbul Pardesi – The Limits of Identity Politics: Theorising Pan-Futurism
Bonolo Masango – We Should NOT All Quit Social Medi