Posted: 26 September 2019     |     Author: Prof Lesley Lokko
Still from the film, The Master's House, featuring Dr Philippa Tumubweinee and Gugulethu Mthembu


Women architects are everywhere, every country, every city, every town, and every neighbourhood and yet we remain under-recognised and under-publicised. This project builds upon ArchiteXX’s global #wikiD project collaborating with international participants to write more women architects and designers into public awareness — now through video format.

Student Film Finalists

Anne Lacaton by Jacob Walter

Chiu-Hwa Wang by Hsuliyu Muto, Simin Lee, Dioxi Research

The ABC’s of Pamela Cluff by Samantha Leger, Rebecca Rogers

An Inventory of Feminist Upheaval by Lesley Lokko, Sarah de Villiers, Sumayya Vally & Huda Tayob

The Master’s Tools by Lesley Lokko, Sarah de Villiers, Sumayya Vally & Huda Tayob

Nikole Bouchard by Brodie Kerst

Pasifica Women in Architecture by Arielle Roache & Vula To’ofohe

Women In Construction by Torerra Cardoso, Karyna Enahoro, Micaiah Newell-Grant, Serena Harris & Gugulethu Moyo

E1027 by Emily Cass, Max Ouellette-Howitz & Seth Thompson