Posted: 01 February 2019     |     Author: Prof Lesley Lokko
FADA FabLab (Temporary). © Denver Hendricks

The FADA FabLab, an initiative of the Department of Architecture with financial support from the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and the GSA, opens on Tuesday 5 February 2019. The workshop is open to all GSA students who have completed the Induction Course which will take place in February 2019 and will be organised by the GSA Adminstration Officer, Steffen Fischer. The Lab is located in G092, on the same level as the GSA Studios. The first phase of the FabLab is a temporary facility which will be open for four hours a day during Semester 1 (see opening times below). The full lab is expected to open in Semester 2 2019 and disruption is expected in May and August whilst renovations take place.



Opening Times:

  • Monday: 9h00-13h00
  • Tuesday: 12h00-16h00
  • Wednesday: 9h00-13h00
  • Thursday: 9h00-13h00
  • Friday: 9h00-13h00