Posted: 25 August 2018

Checkpoint: GSA Unit 14 Q3 Review & Exhibition

Following a day-review with examiners Dr Mpho Matsipa and Heinrich Wolff, the emerging works of GSA Unit 14 are opened up in an exhibition, accompanied by a wine-bar. 

In 2018, Unit 14 reinforces its interests in Rogue Economies – those subversive economic practices, tactics and transactions that shape contemporary Johannesburg in bewilderingly dramatic ways. We look to understand these dynamics to build a relevant architectural literacy around emergent economic practices that are defining our African cities. This year, we focus our attention on security - that perilous state whereby the necessity for security reorganises our society and space through uncomfortable arrangements. We examine both the attainment of security and the consequences of its inverse – (in)Security – which results in the forfeiture of rights, sovereignty and instability. Its self-perpetuating and pervasive nature is here to stay and warrants a sincere and sober recognition of it in our future.