Posted: 26 August 2017     |     Author: University of Johannesburg

The Africa Field Unit is an opportunity for first- and second-year Master’s students in both programmes of the GSA (professional and post-professional) to experience other African countries, from Zanzibar (2015) to Cape Verde (2016) or Kampala (2018).

Unit Leaders in both programmes submit a funding proposal to the HoS and the Internationalisation Division at UJ for support, ranging from air tickets and accommodation to equipment hire. Applications must be in by the first week of the new academic year (typically February) and are on a competitive, firstcome, first-served basis. All applications for funding come with an ‘output requirement’, whether in the form of publications (print or digital), films, public seminars or exhibitions. Wherever possible, the Africa Field Unit should tie into Unit and staff research interests, and collaborations with local partners are highly valued.

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