News 24 Feb 2018
Documentaries & Discussions # 2!

Don't miss this screening of Concerning Violence, a film by Göran Hugo Olsson, showing at 14h00 in the FADA Auditorium on 14 March.

News 17 Feb 2018
Jo Noero to Speak at the GSA

Acclaimed South African architect Jo Noero will be speaking in the third of this year's lectures at the GSA.

News 13 Feb 2018
G-PLUS Course Architecture + Film is underway!

Our brand-new G-PLUS courses kicked off on 20 February with Speaking + Presentation, followed on 28 February by Architecture + Film

News 10 Feb 2018
Iñaqui Carnicero to speak at ILS

This week's talk is by the winner of the Venice Biennale Golden Lion for the Spanish Pavilion, Iñaqui Carnicero. For those of you who don't know his work, check out this link from a recent talk.

News 07 Feb 2018
Screening of Amandla!

A new partnership between three UJ GES Flagship Institutes brings you a series of cutting-edge documentaries, followed by a panel discussion.

News 05 Feb 2018
Unit Introductions for 2018

Copies of the Unit Introductions are available here.

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