News 13 Aug 2018
How To Put A Portfolio Together: A Video!

In this short video, Prof Lokko, Sumayya Vally, Sarah de Villiers and two current students, Terrence Mkhwanazi and Ajit Mistry show you how to put your 5-10 page portfolio together, what to expect in the interview and how to talk about your work. The video is packed with handy tips, hints, examples and lots of commentary on what makes a good portfolio, how to combine image and text and what we're looking for in a potential GSA student. To see the video, either go to our home page and wait for the carousel at the top to load, or visit our Vimeo page:

News 10 Aug 2018
History & Theory Programme Leader Vacancy

We are seeking an exceptionally motivated, qualified and energetic applicant to fulfil the role of Programme Leader in History & Theory, responsible for shaping, managing and delivering a world-class History & Theory course. In the first year of your appointment, the emphasis will be on the design and implementation of the History & Theory Dissertation (HTD) course within the School’s main programme, the professional M Arch. Thereafter, the emphasis will shift from the day-to-day management and oversight of the M Arch (Prof) programme to developing a unique post-professional MA in Critical Theory and/or Contemporary History & Theory, tailored specifically to the African and global South contexts. For more details, please send an e-mail to Senior Ops Manager Denise Fouché at Closing date: 30 September 2018

News 07 Aug 2018
Urban Stories: The City Through Cinema

A short report by HTD Convener Hugh Fraser is now available online, together with the edited film made by M1 students following an excellent workshop and screening by Visiting Research Fellow Chiara Ingrosso. See the UJ Vimeo page ( to view the film!

News 04 Aug 2018
Intellectual Property Lectures

Intellectual property rights are a burning topic for architectural students and practitioners alike. In this four-part series, intellectual property specialists Denise Fouché, Ursula Baravelle and Tebogo Macethe will take you through a range of topics related to IP, including registering your designs, copyright ownership, protecting your work and how to work collaboratively.

News 02 Aug 2018
International Critics Week

Join 22 international and local critics in two days of open-to-the-public reviews at the GSA! Held in three concurrent locations in the city, this is a unique opportunity to see and engage with some of the most interesting work being produced in the school. Students will present their developing Major Design Projects to a panel of academics, practitioners, makers and public intellectuals. We encourage the audience to ask questions and make comments after each presentation. For a complete schedule of the reviews, please e-mail Jade Mokoena on

News 29 Jul 2018
Cinema and the City

Visiting Professors Chiara Ingrosso and Luca Molinari of Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Naples, Italy in the Social Space Bar, following their two-day seminar. Chiara showed a project entitled The Citytellers by the Italian photographer and filmmaker Francesco Jodice, a trilogy about three different global cities: Sao Paolo, Aral and Dubai. The Citytellers explores the transformations of today’s megalopolises, particularly in terms of new social, political, economic and religious phenomena. The screening was followed by a seminar discussion group around the relationship between film, cinema, architecture and urban design. M1 students explored parts of Johannesburg, culminating in five short films which will be screened at the GSA Summer Show in November.

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