News 25 Aug 2018
Checkpoint: GSA Unit 14 Q3 Review & Exhibition

Following a day-review with examiners Dr Mpho Matsipa and Heinrich Wolff, the emerging works of GSA Unit 14 are opened up in an exhibition, accompanied by a wine-bar. ______________________________________________ In 2018, Unit 14 reinforces its interests in Rogue Economies – those subversive economic practices, tactics and transactions that shape contemporary Johannesburg in bewilderingly dramatic ways. We look to understand these dynamics to build a relevant architectural literacy around emergent economic practices that are defining our African cities. This year, we focus our attention on security - that perilous state whereby the necessity for security reorganises our society and space through uncomfortable arrangements. We examine both the attainment of security and the consequences of its inverse – (in)Security – which results in the forfeiture of rights, sovereignty and instability. Its self-perpetuating and pervasive nature is here to stay and warrants a sincere and sober recognition of it in our future.

News 21 Aug 2018
GSA-Boogertman+Partners ILS # 9 - Cohen & Garson

NINA COHEN AND FIONA GARSON have been in partnership for 15 years. The studio draws on skilled staff and collaborators as the need arises. This flexibility enables the partners to be intimately involved in all projects and to be discerning when deciding which projects to take on. As the partners say, ‘our open and respectful working relationship with each other and with our staff makes for good decision-making and a collegial working environment. We enjoy working in a team and collaborating with others.’ Many of the buildings Cohen and Garson have designed are ground-breaking. They have been published in prestigious magazines such as Domus (Italian), Detail (German), and Architecture Digest (South African) amongst others. They received the Visi Designer of the Year award in 2012 for the Wits Art Museum. They also received an award of excellence from GIfA and a National Award of Merit from SAIA for WAM.

News 20 Aug 2018
Critical Practice Seminar # 3: Ivan-Nicholas Cisneros

In this open-to-the-public seminar and presentation, recent Princeton University graduate, IVÁN-NICHOLAS CISNEROS, will talk about his award-winning thesis, ‘140-Mile Third Space of Social and Economic Re-order In-betwixing the Mexico/US Geopolitical Order of Things: The Disruptive Betweenity of the Betwixt Cannabis Menagerie’. Cisneros’ advisors at Princeton University School of Architecture were Samia Henni (a recent ILS speaker), Mitch McEwen, and Liz Diller.

News 16 Aug 2018
Unit 11 Students Heading to Dubai!

Three M2 Unit 11 students have been selected to present their projects at the Global Graduate Show in Dubai! Su-Nam Chen, Jaclyn Kapp and Daniele Cronje will be showing their work, Culverture, at this world-renowned show of the world's best graduate projects in Dubai. The annual Global Graduate Show is an exposition of life-changing inventions from the world’s largest design and technology schools. Taking place during Dubai Design Week, November 2018. The team's project, Culverture, can be seen on our Facebook page and on Instagram. Visit for more details on the show.

News 15 Aug 2018
Special Screening of A+F Film

Join us this Friday 17 August 2018 at 14h30 for a special screening of The Pearl Button, an outstanding documentary by acclaimed Chilean filmmaker, Patricio Guzmán. 'Water, the longest border in Chile, also holds the secret of a mysterious button embedded in a rail found on its ocean floor. Chile, with its 2,670 miles of coastline and the largest archipelago in the world, presents a supernatural landscape. In it are volcanoes, mountains and glaciers. In it are also indigenous people and their tragic history; the first English sailors who took back to England a native traded for a button (nicknamed 'Jenny Button') and also those of its political prisoners from the Pinochet era. Using both archival images and gorgeous new footage, The Pearl Button manages once again to convey different periods of history and geography in a gripping tale of our modern world.'

News 14 Aug 2018
GSA To Become An Academic Partner to Places Journal

We are thrilled to announce that the GSA has been invited to become an academic partner to PLACES Journal in the company of schools such as Sci-Arc, Columbia University, ETH Zürich, MIT, Pratt and many more. We are the first and only African partner so look out for articles and essays by more African scholars, staff and students in the coming year. Places Journal is an essential and trusted resource on the future of architecture, landscape, and urbanism. We harness the power of public scholarship to promote equitable cities and resilient landscapes. In these pages you will find writers, designers, and artists who are responding to the profound challenges of our time: environmental health and social inequity, climate change, resource scarcity, human migration, rapid technological innovation, and the erosion of the public sphere. These challenges demand that we rethink how we plan, design, construct, and maintain the built environment. They also demand that ambitious design research and practice move from the margins to the centre of cultural discussion. Please see

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