News 26 Jun 2020
Unit 12R Seeing South Seminar

GSA Seeing South Seminar Hosted by Unit 12R Kicking off our Seeing South Winter School, Unit 12 invites you to join our story-telling circle with architectural mystics, story-tellers and stories from across the oceans.

News 21 Apr 2020
AHT Lecture Series Online

Architectural History and Theory Talk Series Online On the 21st of April 2020, Architectural History and Theory at the GSA kicks off the Talks and Workshop Series Online. An important part of Transformative Pedagogies is to develop ways of thinking through architectural knowledge production to enable a critical reading of discourses and a speculative approach to crafting /writing the past and future. This short interdisciplinary series engages with architectural knowledge as situated within a broader field and wider context, including architectural practice, archaeology, literature, art, performance studies, music and history. An exciting line-up of speakers and coordinators take us through their own research and practice, engaging with different parts of the African continent, close and far. In light of Covid-19, this series is now online and open to all. Zoom Meeting ID: 990 039 7159 Email for password to attend.

News 17 Apr 2020
GSA Revitalizer

Revitalizer: GSA Extras 1 Hour. An hour of breathing, wellness and mind body connection. Join Caryn Katz for a 1 Hour Zoom Practice of Radical Acceptance, followed by a live set from DJ DORMANTYOUTH @dormantyouth. 12:30, April 15, 2020 📍Zoom An hour of breathing, wellness and mind-body connection

News 15 Apr 2020
Dialogues with Dust

An Online Quarantine Marathon: Dialogues with Dust consist of a series of curated online and offline talks, seminars, atmospheric reconstructions, concert-lectures and films interspersed with reading groups and drawing workshops. This series of dialogues raises issues and phenomena relevant to Egypt, Namibia, Johannesburg; and their hauntings, dust, spectres, edge conditions, ancient deserts and contemporary global catastrophes. The wide-spread of Covid-19 alerts us to the unavoidable planetarity of our current moment, asking us to reflect on our entanglements and impact on health, territory and climate. Through the notion of dust, we also contemplate phenomena long since dormant, against those ruptured, urgent and insurgent into atmospheres we inhabit. This marathon engages with a wide range of practices and ways of thinking and making architecture, place, and the world.

News 15 Apr 2020
Unit 17 Q1 Remote Review

GSA & COVID-19: REMOTE UPDATE SERIES Retrospect: GSA Unit 17 @unit_17_gsa Clips from U17 Quarter 1 Review External Reviewers: Jaco Jonker & Clara Cruz Almeida

News 04 Apr 2020

The GSA Social Media Team proposed a strategy which, above all else, aims to help students and staff stay connected, with a sense of solidarity of collective experiences, while in isolation, and continuity of the School's agenda, and determined commitment to our student's learning experiences. #ViewFromMyDesk is a daily feature which shows a single image of a workspace, a screen, a drawing or model of a particular student from a Unit or course. A different Unit/course is featured every day, and occasionally those of staff and visiting critics abroad to reflect the broader community which we are connected to.

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