GSA Radio: Black-Magic Podcast Series

Magic is the ability for a conjurer to reveal an aspect of the world as we had never seen before; rather than invent anew, the magic resides in the ability to set new networks of relationships, which is where the magic lives. The magical moment then is the disruption of presuppositions and the rendering of new possibilities. Adding the adjective 'black' to magic renders it a racialised site that works against the ontological bounds set by racism for people racialised as black. Therefore, to experience black magic is to experience a new set of networks that sets off relationships anew and presses us to recalibrate the epistemic grounding of what we imagine to be possible.

In the three-part series, Black-magic, I explore discursive methods that hint at other sets of relationships with temporality, land and other beings. The series is an attempt at what Emanuel Admassu calls the decoupling of architecture from constantly producing property. Said differently, the podcast aims to extract different epistemes making even broader the extensive possibilities of building our material and immaterial worlds beyond the bounds of capital



"In our inaugural episode, I sit down with Mpho Matsipa, an educator, researcher, and curator based in South Africa. We discuss what she calls “thinking from blackness” and other epistemes for imagining freedom through expanding grammars of representation. We revisit her ongoing curatorial project, African Mobilities, to reflect on the generative dimensions of race. " - Mxolisi Makhubo

MPHO MATSIPA is the curator of @africanmobilities – a multi-sited, transnational experimental research platform and curatorial project. She is a research fellow at WiSER and a senior lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.