Our most ambitious project to date? GSA on Film.

We film all our important lectures, exhibitions, debates and special projects, available at our Vimeo page or below. We’re looking to spread the word across Africa, hopefully inspiring students to visit us or even join our growing international student body. Our videos range from short, 1-3 minute introductions to lectures, or our various sites, workshops, venues . . . or even field trips taken overseas. Check out the growing list of videos here!

23 Sep 2016
Kunlé Adeyemi - Winning versus Succeeding

In the final of the four part series, Kunle talks to Professor Lesley Lokko...

23 Sep 2016
Kunlé Adeyemi - Practicing in Nigeria

In the third of the four part series in discussion with Professor Lesley Lokko, ...

23 Sep 2016
Kunlé Adeyemi and the Makoko Floating School

Kunlé talks to Lesley Lokko in the second film of his discussion on 11 August...

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