Posted: 24 November 2019
Unit 15X. Homegrown Series # 31. © Fred Swart

Unit 15X
No. 31
Zambia/South Africa/Ghana

A veritable trio of African unity, this three-man team who hail from Zambia, South Africa and Ghana are the teaching force behind Unit 15X, now in its fourth year at the GSA. Dr Finzi Saidi is a landscape architect and Senior Lecturer at the GSA; Absalom Makhubu is an urbanist who has been at UJ for six years and Dickson Adu-Agyei was a star student in Unit 15X last year and is now finding his (firm) feet as a junior lecturer. He’s also just had a baby girl, which means he’s currently quite sleep-deprived. They’ve been all over the continent with their students and their talk on Thursday 8 August 2019 included highlights from a discotheque in Kampala and a football pitch in Dar-es-Salaam (oh, and a beach in Zanzibar, too).

Interesting Facts:
Jabu has the most amazing collection of jewelry. Like, amazing.
He’s also a big fan of the ‘short suit’. As in matching shirt ‘n’ shorts.
Finzi rivals Madiba for his colourful shirts.
Dickson’s just had a baby girl. Oh, did we just say that?
Finzi’s passionate about football and landscape.
He used to be a hockey-dad.
Dickson has his own practice and would like to do a PhD.
Finzi speaks Afrikaans.