Posted: 22 November 2019
Huda Tayob. Homegrown Series # 30. © Fred Swart

Huda Tayob
No. 30
South Africa

Dr Huda Tayob joined the GSA after a prolonged period of courting her to come ‘back home.’ Boy, are we glad she did! She’s been with us for six short months and she’s totally transformed the History & Theory programme, putting on an amazing colloquium that spilled out into the streets of Braamfontein and publishing a supplement to FOLIO, Forgetting Architecture, out now on ISSUU. All in six months. She’s also won a major award, presented at numerous conferences overseas, gone on a research trip to Ghana and still found time to give a great talk on Thursday 29 August 2019!

Interesting Facts:
She studied at UCT and then went on to do a PhD at the Bartlett.
She comes from a long line of academics.
She’s a dab hand behind a camera but not so keen being in front of one!
She’s part of a new generation of African historians and theoreticians who are rewriting history, literally.
She’s got a smile that can light up a room.