Posted: 20 November 2019
Mitchell Squire. Homegrown Series # 29. © Fred Swart

Mitchell Squire
No. 29

Mitchell Squire resists easy – or even any – classification. He’s an artist, architect, activist, African, anarchist, author . . . all of the above and more. He’s been coming back to the GSA every year since 2014, making him our longest-serving (and suffering . . . it’s a 32-hour journey, door-to-door) visitor. He’s done it all – lectures, performances, reviews, examinations, seminars, masterclasses and workshops. It’s fair to say we just love his unique blend of disciplinary passions and no one who was at his performance at Forgetting Architecture will ever forget Mitchell. It’s not possible to single out any one lecture or appearance at the GSA as being more inspiring than the rest. We salute you, Professor Squire. We cannot imagine the canon without you.

Interesting Facts:
He was once a world-class bodybuilder.
He is fearless, utterly fearless.
His work pushes against the edges of every known epistemological boundary.
Questioning, for him, is everything.
He was born in Mississippi.
He lives in Iowa.

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