Posted: 14 November 2019
Henning Rasmuss. Homegrown Series # 26. © Fred Swart

Henning Rasmuss
No. 26
South Africa

It’s debatable whether anyone who saw Henning’s lecture on Thursday 6 September 2018 will ever forget it. If you don’t believe us, watch it at the link below. As Alice (she of Through the Looking Glass fame) said, ‘No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful long time!’ We followed Henning on the architectural adventures of his own life, starting from his childhood in Auckland Park, all the way to Hong Kong, London and back again, stopping off in Angola, DRC, Brazil and – we think – Equatorial Guinea along the way. Oh, and then there was AfrikaBurn. Say no more.

Interesting Facts:
He studied at Wits, graduating cum laude in 1994.
He’s been all over the globe but Jo’burg is his favourite city.
He’s the co-author of Contemporary South African Architecture, alongside 26’10 Architects.
He goes to AfrikaBurn every single year, he says it’s the highlight of his year.
He likes melted chocolate.

Video link: