Posted: 10 November 2019
D K Osseo-Asare. Homegrown Series # 24. © Fred Swart

D K Osseo-Asare
No. 24

He’s a co-founder and principal of the architecture and integrated design studio, Low Design Office (LOWDO), based in Austin, Texas and Tema, Ghana. His fascinating premise that high design can be realised through low cost, low energy and low technology solutions has brought him to the world’s attention and on Valentine’s Day 2019, he showed us why. His work straddles the worlds of engineering, recycling, architecture, technology and design in the most fluid, creative and deeply committed ways.

Interesting Facts:
He’s half Ghanaian, half American and grew up splitting his time between both.
He’s an assistant professor in the same university where his father is a professor (ouch!)
He’s TED Global Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar.
He studied at Harvard.
He blogs about African architecture and making at Afrch.
He’s got a great sense of humour.

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