Posted: 08 November 2019
Joe Noero. Homegrown Series # 23. © Fred Swart

Jo Noero
No. 23
South Africa

He dramatically declared ‘No More Masterplans!’ at the start of his lecture and proceeded to demolish the planning profession in South Africa, which certainly raised eyebrows! He’s this country’s best-known architect with a career that spans four decades. He’s done it all, from private homes to museums, large-scale public buildings, renovations, institutions, housing for some of this country’s most disadvantaged populations . . . he’s been a teacher, a professor, a director of school . . . and in his lecture on Thursday 1 March 2018, he showed us why we love him so.

Interesting Facts:
He studied at the former University of Natal and the University of Newcastle in the UK.
He’s exhibited around the world.
He’s an International Fellow of the RIBA and an Honorary Fellow of the AIA.
He’s completed over 200 buildings.
He’s a great dinner party guest (and host!)
He initially wanted to be a doctor but didn’t like blood.

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