Posted: 06 November 2019
Mphethi Morojele. Homegrown Series # 22. © Fred Swart

Mphethi Morojele
No. 22
South Africa

Mphethi Morojele is one of South Africa’s leading architects, the founder of MMA in Johannesburg who’ve worked all over South Africa and the continent at large. He studied at UCT and the Bartlett, was born in Lesotho but grew up all over the world, including Swaziland, Italy and Ethiopia. In another life, he always says he would have been an academic and in his lecture on Thursday 20 September 2018, it was clear to see why. Thoughtful, thought-provoking and deeply engaged, this quietly spoken man took the audience on a journey that ‘reverberated especially with the culture and political transition of South Africa from apartheid to democracy.’

Interesting Facts:
He speaks fluent Italian.
He’s fond of a practical joke or two.
He designed his own house.
He’s always on the lookout for new and inspiring young talent.
He finds travel one of the best ways to unwind

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