Posted: 04 November 2019
Craig McClenaghan. Homegrown Series # 21. © Fred Swart

Craig McClenaghan
No. 21
South Africa

Craig McClenaghan has been associated with the GSA since its inception, as many of you who heard his lecture will attest. From co-teaching in Unit 12 in 2015 (he’s still recovering); working with Eric Wright and Prof Lokko on the GSA’s contribution to 3rd Istanbul Design Biennale (there isn’t a bar left in Istanbul which they didn’t visit) to being on reviews, hiring former students and running his own practice in PLOT (which everyone thinks is a GSA satellite anyway), this Johannesburg practitioner is simply part of the family. In a beautifully curated and crafted talk on Thursday 1 August 2019, he described his journey from UCT via Mashabane Rose to his own practice, CMA, with elegance, beauty and humility.

Interesting Facts:
This fact is so outstanding that it eclipses all other facts. Craig loves Mariah Carey. In fact, he has a world-class collection of Mariah Carey GIFs. Honest.

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