Posted: 30 October 2019
Jonathan Manning. Homegrown Series # 19. © Fred Swart

Jonathan Manning
No. 19
South Africa

Looks can be deceptive. This remarkably youthful-looking man is the Group Managing Director at Osmond Lange, one of the country’s biggest firms. He grew up in Botswana, was educated at the Bartlett and came home to South Africa in the early 90s to open up his own practice, Ikemeleng Architects. In their own words, ‘Ikemeleng is a seSotho word meaning “stand on your own feet.” Our goal is to become a voice through which the communities we are part of, and other voiceless sections of society, can speak creatively and have a stake in shaping the environment in which we all live.’

Interesting Facts:
He is footie mad.
He went to all (yes, all) the games at the 2010 World Cup.
He worked for Peter Rich.
He loves graffiti, so much so that his final project at the Bartlett was about urban protest. He ‘decorated’ an entire wall of G020, the examination hall in said style. His examiner wasn’t impressed.

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