Posted: 28 October 2019
Lesley Lokko. Homegrown Series # 18. © Fred Swart

Lesley Lokko
No. 18

Although Lesley Lokko hasn’t actually given a lecture in the series, she’s introduced almost every single speaker since its inception. She’s also the person who dreamed up the series in the first place and managed to persuade Bob van Bebber to support it. Since she’s leaving the GSA at the end of this year, we thought it would be a fitting farewell to include her on the poster. She’s been synonymous with the GSA since founding the school in 2016 and although she’s leaving, it’s more a ‘see you soon’ than a ‘goodbye.’


Interesting Facts:
She’s a Bartlett kid through-and-through, all the way from Year 1 to PhD.
She’s also the author of eleven best-selling novels.
She studied sociology and languages before becoming an architect.
She built her own house and swears never to build another.
She’s moving to New York but says she’s miss Braamfontein. We don’t believe her!

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