Posted: 26 October 2019
Mae-Ling Lokko. Homegrown Series # 17. © Fred Swart

Mae-ling Lokko
No. 17

The only speaker in the three-year series who didn’t actually make it to Johannesburg, courtesy of a mix-up between South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs and the Ghana High Commission. She got halfway here – London Heathrow – and was prevented from boarding her flight to Johannesburg. What can we say? Pan-African cooperation and solidarity at its finest. Next time. Perhaps.

Interesting Facts:
She’s the younger sister of the current Director of the GSA.
She studied at Tufts and received her PhD in Architecture from Rensselaer, USA.
She was shortlisted for the Hublot Prize for Design 2019.
She grows building materials. Literally.

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