Posted: 20 October 2019
Hanif Kara. Homegrown Series # 14. © Fred Swart

Hanif Kara
No. 14

On Thursday, 10 October 2019 he closed out what has been the most amazing series of speakers. Hanif’s lecture was the most imaginative and fitting end, ever. He spoke about engineering, design, architecture, thinking inside-the-box, thinking outside-the-box, about youth and profit and self-promotion, roller coasters, stealing steel . . . we could go on and on and we still wouldn’t do it justice. He’s one-of-a-kind, an original, and the engineer everyone wants to work with and whom everyone likes. What a star.

Interesting Facts:
He was born in Uganda and left for the UK at the age of fourteen.
In his own words, ‘I left Africa but Africa never left me.’
He is still fascinated by roller coasters.
He moves fluidly between the worlds of engineering and architecture. He doesn’t see them as all that distinct.
He likes the colour orange.