Posted: 14 October 2019
Stephen Hobbs. Homegrown Series # 11. © Fred Swart

Stephen Hobbs
No. 11
South Africa

He’s been a critic, tutor, visitor, reviewer and contributor to the GSA since its inception in 2016. On Thursday, 6 September 2016, he showed us that art, architecture, urbanism, public discourse and the imagination are not only excellent bedfellows, they’re inseparable. His practice, which also defies easy description, has initiated, installed, performed and exhibited all over the world. He’s one of our sharpest critics and we’re delighted he continues to delight, torment and provoke our students with his insights and wit.

Interesting Facts:
He’s a visual artist with a strong interest in public art.
He was one of the first artists to move into Maboneng and set up a studio.
Dakar is one of his favourite cities in the world.
He loves tree houses.