Posted: 12 October 2019
Samia Henni. Homegrown Series # 10. © Fred Swart

Samia Henni
No. 10

She flew in like a whirlwind, gave one of the most powerful and rousing lectures we’ve ever had and opened her own exhibition at MOAD on Thursday, 19 April 2018. She brought along copies of her recently-published book, which holds such powerful resonance for South Africans. Her presence in the series reminds us again and again, that the issues that bind us are far greater and more interesting than those that set us apart.

Interesting Facts:
EVERYTHING about Dr Henni is interesting.
She speaks five languages fluently.
Her book, The Architecture of Counterrevolution: the French Army in Northern Algeria, won the Silver FILAF Book Award.
She’s at home equally in Algeria, the US and Switzerland, and counts Rotterdam and London as homes-from-home.
She thinks nothing of taking a four-hour bus journey from Ithaca to New York to have dinner.

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