Posted: 21 September 2019
Boom Architects. Homegrown Series # 04. © Fred Swart

No. 4
South Africa

BOOM Architects were the first GSA tutors to lecture in the ILS on Thursday, 19 October 2017. Craig McClenaghan introduced Eric Wright and Claudia Morgado to the delight of Unit 13 students in particular, who’d never seen Eric sweat! Their talk deftly wove practice, research, building and ideas and set the bar for all the other GSA tutors who followed.

Interesting Facts:

Eric plays in a band, co-owns a coffee shop, fixes motorcycles and makes a mean Bloody Mary in his ‘spare’ time. Claudia and Eric studied together at Wits, they have taught together since 2012 and they’ve run a practice together for the past eight years . . . and they’re still on speaking terms! Claudia gives gifts of her father’s honey (he’s a beekeeper) at Christmas and it’s the best honey in Jo’burg


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