Posted: 30 September 2019
Bob van Bebber. Homegrown Series # 03. © Fred Swart

Bob van Bebber
No. 3
The Netherlands/South Africa

It’s fair to say that there wouldn’t be an International Lecture Series without Bob van Bebber. His commitment to educating and inspiring a whole new generation of African architects is without parallel. In a difficult and uncertain economic climate, Bob’s determination to make sure our students and practitioners (young and not-so-young) get to see, hear and have drinks with dozens of high-profile, emerging and hidden thinkers and makers come to Johannesburg has been an incredible ‘gift’ to Johannesburg’s wider architectural culture. His talk on Thursday, 17 August 2017 was an eye-opener!

Interesting Facts:
Bob doesn’t smoke or drink but he swears a lot. He loved Lego as a child. Still does. He studied at Wits under Pancho Guedes and counts him as one of the reasons he became an architect. He always wanted to design a football stadium . . . and he did! He speaks Dutch as well as English and Afrikaans. He comes to every ILS lecture!
We adore Bob.

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