News 22 Jul 2018
Local Studio (Unit 11) Design Completed!

Unit 11's Thomas Chapman (Local Studio) has just completed a brand new entrance for Wits University on its Jan Smuts entrance, opening the campus up to the street and the public in a bold, dynamic way. This marks the practice's latest Braamfontein project. As Wits Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Habib notes, Wits is determining how it can break down the barriers that exist between the University and its location in Braam and Parktown. “Just as many universities worldwide have played a pivotal role in the revitalisation of their surrounding areas, so too does Wits want to do the same in Braamfontein,” adds Habib. “The reformation of Braam into a trendy, attractive, safe, inviting precinct is a key strategic priority for the University for the next five years, as we work towards our centennial anniversary.” Congratulations to Tom and his team for this brave new step!

News 19 Jul 2018
How To . . . Put A Portfolio Together

In this short two-minute video, we will take you through the steps required to put a convincing and comprehensive 5-10 page portfolio together, showing your creative work at its best. Professor Lesley Lokko, Sumayya Vally, Sarah de Villiers and two current students will take you through the process, explaining how to combine text with images, what to show, what not to show . . . everything you need to gain access to the GSA! For a really good example of what's coming, go to, a video by the University of Sydney, available on YouTube.

News 17 Jul 2018
Critical Practice Seminar #2

In this two-day seminar, Visiting Research Fellow Chiara Ingrosso will show a project entitled The Citytellers by the Italian photographer and filmmaker Francesco Jodice, a trilogy about three different global cities: Sao Paolo, Aral and Dubai. The Citytellers explores the transformations of today’s megalopolises, particularly in terms of new social, political, economic and religious phenomena. The following day, students in the seminar group will explore parts of Johannesburg to make an adjunct short film to The Citytellers, ‘telling Johannesburg through the cinema.’

News 13 Jul 2018
Semester 2 Kick-Off!

Join HoS and GSA staff in the GSA Seminar Space on Monday 23 July to kick off the second semester of 2018! We'll be sharing events, deadlines and plans for the last four months of the year. Don't miss these important announcements!

News 13 Jul 2018
Two new Critical Practice Seminars!

In Semester 2, we're delighted to announce two new seminars/presentations. On 23 August, Iván-Nicholas Cisneros of Princeton University will be presenting his award-winning thesis project, 140-Mile Third Space of Social and Economic Re-order In-betwixing the Mexico/US Geopolitical Order of Things: The Disruptive Betweenity of the Betwixt Cannabis Menagerie. And on 25 & 26 September, Bartlett doctoral student, Thandi Loewenson, will be presenting her work, Fiction as a Form of Combat: Field Manoeuvres in the Realms of the Weird and the Tender. Details to follow!

News 12 Jul 2018
Unit 17 Student in France!

Senzo Mambo (Unit 17) returns from the Confluence Summer School in France on Monday 16 July! According to Senzo, 'we worked tirelessly with Odile Decq and Sir Peter Cook. It has been an extraordinary and humbling experience: truly beyond my expectations!' We're looking forward to seeing Senzo return safely home.

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