Posted: 22 September 2018

Thiresh Govender is an architect and urban designer practicing in Johannesburg. Having worked in the studios of Noero Wolff and Paragon Architects, he was driven to understand the larger forces shaping architecture and cities in our new democracy. He was awarded the Chevening Scholarship to complete his Master’s in Urban Design at the Bartlett in 2006. Following his intrepid travels to far-away places, he set up UrbanWorks in Johannesburg as a means of exploring the possibilities of practice in an attempt to understand this unwieldy metropolis in terms of its design. He is deeply obsessed with the emergent spatial patterns of the city, specifically its capacity to foster radical new possibilities. He leads Unit 14 at the University of Johannesburg’s Graduate School of Architecture, which investigates the Rogue Economies shaping Johannesburg.