News 02 Nov 2019
HOMEGROWN # 20 Mpho Matsipa

The hair! The mind! The delivery! The razor-sharp intellect! Dr Mpho Matsipa is one of the few colleagues from ‘across-the-road’ who braves the Iron Curtain to speak at the GSA. And we were delighted to have her. On Thursday 11 October 2018, she wowed the audience with her work, ranging from hair-braiding to curating international exhibitions. She’s a force for change wherever she goes, whether at Columbia University where she’s been an adjunct for the past few years, to Munich where she curated African Mobilities, one of the Pinakotek’s most successful shows ever. Want to know a few interesting facts? She got a distinction in design from UCT ‘back in the day.’ She hails from a family of talented designers and academics, making architecture a foregone conclusion. She loves colour, all colours. She’s fond of a statement earring. She’s actually quite shy.

News 30 Oct 2019
HOMEGROWN # 19 Jonathan Manning

Looks can be deceptive. This remarkably youthful-looking man is the Group Managing Director at Osmond Lange, one of the country’s biggest firms. He grew up in Botswana, was educated at the Bartlett and came home to South Africa in the early 90s to open up his own practice, Ikemeleng Architects. In their own words, ‘Ikemeleng is a seSotho word meaning “stand on your own feet.” Our goal is to become a voice through which the communities we are part of, and other voiceless sections of society, can speak creatively and have a stake in shaping the environment in which we all live.’ Want to know a few interesting facts? He is footie mad. He went to all (yes, all) the games at the 2010 World Cup. He worked for Peter Rich. He loves graffiti, so much so that his final project at the Bartlett was about urban protest. He ‘decorated’ an entire wall of G020, the examination hall in said style. His examiner wasn’t impressed.

News 28 Oct 2019
HOMEGROWN #18 Lesley Lokko

Although Lesley Lokko hasn’t actually given a lecture in the series, she’s introduced almost every single speaker since its inception. She’s also the person who dreamed up the series in the first place and managed to persuade Bob van Bebber to support it. Since she’s leaving the GSA at the end of this year, we thought it would be a fitting farewell to include her on the poster. She’s been synonymous with the GSA since founding the school in 2016 and although she’s leaving, it’s more a ‘see you soon’ than a ‘goodbye.’ Want to know a few interesting facts? She’s a Bartlett kid through-and-through, all the way from Year 1 to PhD. She’s also the author of eleven best-selling novels. She studied sociology and languages before becoming an architect. She built her own house and swears never to build another. She’s moving to New York but says she’s miss Braamfontein. We don’t believe her!

News 28 Oct 2019
GSA Summer Show 2019!

Join us as we present this year's graduates at our annual Summer Show - an evening of celebration, conversation and outstanding work of this year's students and staff (and 5 years of the GSA!) in full bloom. GSA METRO 68 Juta Street, Braamfontein Show opens at 18h00, Bar and after-party at 19h30

News 26 Oct 2019
HOMEGROWN # 17 Mae-Ling Lokko

The only speaker in the three-year series who didn’t actually make it to Johannesburg, courtesy of a mix-up between South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs and the Ghana High Commission. She got halfway here – London Heathrow – and was prevented from boarding her flight to Johannesburg. What can we say? Pan-African cooperation and solidarity at its finest. Next time. Perhaps. Want to know a few interesting facts? She’s the younger sister of the current Director of the GSA. She studied at Tufts and received her PhD in Architecture from Rensselaer, USA. She was shortlisted for the Hublot Prize for Design 2019. She grows building materials. Literally.

News 24 Oct 2019
HOMEGROWN # 16 Lemon Pebble

This brilliant duo from Johannesburg mix humour, intelligence, political acumen and design sensibilities to everything they do: housing, feasibility studies, policy design, master planning, infrastructure . . . no scale is left untouched. They brought the house down with their opening slide, reminding everyone in the last talk of the year on Thursday, 26 October 2017, that architecture matters. It really, really matters. Want to know a few interesting facts? Tanzeem lives in the same house she grew up in. Althea and Tanzeem met at Wits, where they both studied. They’ve been in practice for nearly twenty years together. They both love seafood.

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