News 12 Nov 2019
HOMEGROWN # 25 Kate Otten

Alongside Bob van Bebber, there’s probably no keener attendee of this lecture series. We can count on the fingers of one hand the lectures she’s missed. Her own lecture on Thursday 3 August 2017 was delivered without notes and over 150 slides detailing the 300-odd buildings she’s designed or built (or both) in twenty-five years of practice. Her work is deeply tied to place and people, often acting as an important counterweight to the dominant Western aesthetic that so often prevails in South Africa. She’s been published widely and has won numerous awards, both locally and internationally. She’s one of our brightest (and bubbliest) stars! Want to know a few interesting facts? She’s a trained classical musician. She loves dogs. Like, really loves dogs. And cats and chickens. She’s got excellent taste in Chardonnay. She can garden for days. She loves pink (and red, purple, blue, turquoise, yellow . . . ) She’s a terror on a building site. Her staff adore her.

News 12 Nov 2019
Politics of African Architecture: Workshop, Paper Presentations, Exhibition & Keynotes

The Politics of Architecture in Africa Workshop at the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS) is organised in collaboration with the Department of Politics and International Studies, SOAS University of London and the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg

News 10 Nov 2019
HOMEGROWN # 24 D K Osseo-Asare

He’s a co-founder and principal of the architecture and integrated design studio, Low Design Office (LOWDO), based in Austin, Texas and Tema, Ghana. His fascinating premise that high design can be realised through low cost, low energy and low technology solutions has brought him to the world’s attention and on Valentine’s Day 2019, he showed us why. His work straddles the worlds of engineering, recycling, architecture, technology and design in the most fluid, creative and deeply committed ways. Want to know a few interesting facts? He’s half Ghanaian, half American and grew up splitting his time between both. He’s an assistant professor in the same university where his father is a professor (ouch!) He’s TED Global Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar. He studied at Harvard. He blogs about African architecture and making at Afrch. He’s got a great sense of humour.

News 09 Nov 2019
Corobrik Awards 2019!

Please join staff and students of the GSA in an exhibition and prizegiving ceremony of the top final year students entered for the 2019 Corobrik awards.

News 08 Nov 2019
HOMEGROWN # 23 Jo Noero

He dramatically declared ‘No More Masterplans!’ at the start of his lecture and proceeded to demolish the planning profession in South Africa, which certainly raised eyebrows! He’s this country’s best-known architect with a career that spans four decades. He’s done it all, from private homes to museums, large-scale public buildings, renovations, institutions, housing for some of this country’s most disadvantaged populations . . . he’s been a teacher, a professor, a director of school . . . and in his lecture on Thursday 1 March 2018, he showed us why we love him so. Want to know a few interesting facts? He studied at the former University of Natal and the University of Newcastle in the UK. He’s exhibited around the world. He’s an International Fellow of the RIBA and an Honorary Fellow of the AIA. He’s completed over 200 buildings. He’s a great dinner party guest (and host!) He initially wanted to be a doctor but didn’t like blood.

News 06 Nov 2019
HOMEGROWN # 22 Mphethi Morojele

Mphethi Morojele is one of South Africa’s leading architects, the founder of MMA in Johannesburg who’ve worked all over South Africa and the continent at large. He studied at UCT and the Bartlett, was born in Lesotho but grew up all over the world, including Swaziland, Italy and Ethiopia. In another life, he always says he would have been an academic and in his lecture on Thursday 20 September 2018, it was clear to see why. Thoughtful, thought-provoking and deeply engaged, this quietly spoken man took the audience on a journey that ‘reverberated especially with the culture and political transition of South Africa from apartheid to democracy.’ Want to know a few interesting facts? He speaks fluent Italian. He’s fond of a practical joke or two. He designed his own house. He’s always on the lookout for new and inspiring young talent. He finds travel one of the best ways to unwind.

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