Our most ambitious project to date? GSA on Film.

We film all our important lectures, exhibitions, debates and special projects, available at our Vimeo page or below. We’re looking to spread the word across Africa, hopefully inspiring students to visit us or even join our growing international student body. Our videos range from short, 1-3 minute introductions to lectures, or our various sites, workshops, venues . . . or even field trips taken overseas. Check out the growing list of videos here!

13 Aug 2018
How To Put A Portfolio Together

A short video showing you how to put a portfolio together for your GSA...

19 Apr 2018
SACAP accreditation of the GSA

Following the GSA's successful SACAP Validation Visit 16 - 18 April 2018, we...

06 Mar 2018
Jo Noero: The full lecture

Jo Noero looks back on 35 years of practice

04 Mar 2018
Short interview with Jo Noero 2

Jo Noero talks to Zaheer Cassim about working in a climate of change. 

04 Mar 2018
Short interview with Jo Noero 1

Jo Noero discusses his view of South African architecture after 1994 with...

20 Feb 2018
Made in South Africa: Architecture

We follow Ngonidzashe Tavuyanago as he investigates a career in architectu...

05 Feb 2018
2018 Unit Presentations

An introduction by the unit leaders for 2018.

21 Oct 2017
Safe Space: Session # 1

Safe Space is a teaching and learning initiative of Transformative P...

18 Sep 2017
Full-length Video: Bjarke Ingels talking in the GSA-Boogertman + Partners International Lecture Series 2017

A tremendously intense and information-packed lecture by Bjarke Ingels to a...

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