Posted: 07 August 2020
GSA Files. Antonella Giuricich. ST #14. © Fred Swart

Antonella Giuricich
ST #14

Antonella studied under Professor Lesley Lokko, in 2015 & 2016 while completing her Masters at the University of Johannesburg. As a part of the Unit 12 group she was exposed to Unit System Africa, where she was taught by Sumayya Vally and Craig McClenaghan. Through Lesley's mentorship, perseverance and dedication to the program, she grew profoundly as a student and as a person. She went on to work in private practice and has also worked in Italy for a luxury furniture company. Today she is practicing in an architectural company in Johannesburg.


Q: What was your time at the GSA like?
A: Inspirational. 


Q: How has the GSA impacted your life?
A: It has taught me to think differently and solve problems in an unconventional manner.  


Q: How do you think the GSA is shifting the profession?
A: It is producing critical thinkers, in a time when they are needed the most.



Q: Describe the GSA in one word / one sentence.
A: Inspiring.


Q: Which staff member made an impact on your life at the GSA.
A: Professor Lesley Lokko.


Antonella Giuricich - Unit 12 Alumni, 2016. Graphic Design: © DieAteljee

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