Posted: 31 July 2020
GSA Files. Culverture. ST #13. © Fred Swart

ST #13

At the GSA in 2018, Jaclyn Kapp, Daniele Cronje, and Su-Nam Chen formed Culverture as their collaborative Master’s thesis project which they continued to work on post-graduation. Culverture is in the process of building their thesis Prototype to showcase their prefabricated structural system consisting of an integrated wall and floor. Along with running Culverture to further the development of their modular pre-fab system, the trio also started Avox Architects in 2020, a company focusing on providing architectural services. Through their practice, they aim to promote alternative building strategies as opposed to the time-intensive in-situ construction methodologies predominant in South Africa. 

Q: What was your time at the GSA like?
A: We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the GSA, especially with the unit system and the way it was implemented at the GSA. There was a great spread of units in terms of their main focus and themes within the architecture realm. Both Jaclyn and I found the perfect unit fit that was in line with what we wanted to focus on in our masters year.


Q: How has the GSA impacted your life?
A: Not only were we able and equipped to take the next step in our architectural careers but we also met each other in life and as Business Partners at the GSA.


Q: Are you an architect? Do you make architecture?
A: Yes, we are currently practising as Candidate Architects while also pursuing a form of construction product creation which would additionally give us a manufacturer's and developers role.


Q: What do you have to say to future applicants and the next generation of architects?
A: The economy is changing as the 4th Industrial revolution touches every occupation. Architects have been a long-standing profession with little change up till now. It's time to question the profession, the roles of an architect and also how we can bring the 4th Industrial revolution into our own profession.


Q: Describe the GSA in one word / one sentence.
A: The GSA is a system ahead of other South African universities as it is moving away from the typical colonial educational system.


Q: Which staff member made an impact on your life at the GSA.
A: Prof Lokko has made a great impact on our lives at the GSA, from believing in our Thesis idea, suggesting we pursue it as a group in a mock firm set-up. She's got such an eye for seeing the crux of things, we are very sad to see her leave.


Follow their business pages.

Culverture- Unit 11 Alumni, 2018/2019. Graphic Design: © DieAteljee

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