Posted: 03 July 2020
GSA Files. Dickson Adu-Agyei. ST #09. © Fred Swart

Dickson Adu-Agyei
ST #09

Dickson holds a Master’s degree in Architecture Technology (Prof) from the Graduate school of Architecture, University of Johannesburg. He is a candidate Architect, a partner at Adu-Agyei Architecture Studio and an assistant lecturer at Unit15X, GSA

His interest lies in architecture that responds to social challenges of public spaces in the African Context, especially child-centered issues. He strongly believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to design and that to adequately address the contextual issues of the continent, the art, design, built industry and the social sciences, need to collaborate in order to create solutions. 


Q: What was your time at the GSA like?
A: It was very enlightening and awesome.


Q: How has the GSA impacted your life?
A: It has made me think broader about what Architecture is.


Q: How do you think the GSA is shifting the profession?
A: It is helping students and professionals redefine or define Architecture in different ways.


Q: Did the GSA teach you to be an architect?
A: GSA taught me to be a thinker.


Q: What do you have to say to future applicants and the next generation of architects?
A: If you believe there is a way you would like to practice Architecture, then the GSA is the place to explore that.


Q: How do you describe the movement we are creating at the school?
A: Amazing and revolutionary.


Q: Describe the GSA in one word / one sentence.
A: Inspiring.


Q: Which staff member made an impact on your life at the GSA.
A: Dr Finzi Saidi and Steven Steyn.


Dickson Adu-Agyei - Unit 15x Alumni, 2018. Graphic Design: © DieAteljee

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